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Keeping Learning Alive!
An initiative by Catch Them Young and Lions Community Service Foundation

COVID-19 brings about home-based learning, it highlights the resource divide between the children from underprivileged backgrounds and their more affluent peers. Those who struggle in class are at greater risk of being left behind.

We kept learning alive for them.

We put together an online-learning package:


1) Live-stream classes by trained tutors

2) Learning materials (worksheets etc)

3) Digital resources (Learning activities)

In addition, each child was given a personal learning device (android tablets) with mobile connectivity on a case-by-case basis. These beneficiaries were provided with heavily discounted tablets and data SIMs provided by Huawei, Samsung and TPG in support of the campaign. 


Home-based learning blues: Life in a rental flat during COVID-19.

Read CNA Article:

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