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KidsExcel is a sports and academic enrichment programme, comprising weekly sessions held over the year.
Partnering primary schools and social agencies, each year we support 300 children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Through regular, consistent engagement, we hope to achieve sustained academic and behavioural progress in our children. KidsExcel aims to develop resilient, confident children with positive learning attitudes.

What Is KidsExcel?
KidsExcel is a Sport and Academic enrichment programme to support the learning and growth of children. 


1. Behavioral improvements in the areas of Confidence, Resilience, Empathy and Discipline.

2. Sustained progression in the academic performance of beneficiaries.

3. Enable underperforming children to pass their PSLE.

The KidsExcel programme is a collaborative effort by CTY and the Lions Community Service Foundation (LCSF). Since 2016, CTY & LCSF together with other like-minded partners have supported more than 1,500 children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The KidsExcel Approach

KidsExcel emphasizes good learning attitudes and good behavioural traits over scoring top marks or being the top athlete. The programme’s success is dependent on the following key factors:


Early and regular engagement of pupils:

  • Engagement starts as early as the first formal schooling year.

  • Lessons are held weekly.

  • Work closely with parents and school-teachers to ensure the regular attendance of the child.

  • For families who require additional assistance, we enlist the assistance of our partners such as the family service centres to provide the necessary support.


Building an identity through sports:

  • Sports, competitions and leagues are effective tools to build the identity of the class and a sense of belonging.

  • Competitions are valuable opportunities for children to interact, bond through play and build shared experiences.

  • Sports is also used as a platform to discuss and model positive behaviour and values.


Experienced educators with a heart:​

  • Our 100 professional freelance tutors and coaches are selected based on their alignment with the KidsExcel vision and values.

  • Our educators are experienced teachers who are familiar with the curriculum requirements of the MOE syllabus.

  • They believe in the significance of their work, teaching with a heart and serving as mentors and emotional anchors for our disengaged pupils.

​The year-long programme supports needy primary school children under financial assistance.

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What each child receives over the course of year

Weekly Academic Programmes:
English, Math and/or Science (1.5 hrs per lesson)
(30 - 40 lessons annually, 2 x subjects)

Weekly Sports Programmes:
(1.5 hrs per lesson)
(80 lessons annually)

Sports Leagues:
Bi-annual community sports leagues

Digital Learning Tools:
E-resource libraries and adaptive assessments
Learning devices + Mobile Connectivity (Android tablets with mobile connectivity)

Launch of KidsExcel sports collaboration
(Minister Shanmugam as GOH)

No amount is too small

every dollar donated will strengthen our work in the community

How can I help?
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Cash Donation

Maximise your impact with cash donation through Cheque or PayNowCross cheque payable to "Catch Them Young Ltd"

Mail the cheque to: 26 Sin Ming Lane #03-118 Midview City (S) 573971
Please provide your name and contact number on the back of the cheque.
On your PayNow platform, key in our UEN: 201540730N. Our name: "Catch Them Young Limited" will appear.

Please indicate your name and contact details in the bill reference.

Event/ Campaign Sponsorship

CTY hosts a number of events throughout the year, from

To find out more how your organisation can work with CTY, email us at


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