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Our Vision

Motivated and successful children and youth who are prepared for their future and thus contribute positively to society.

Our Mission

Giving disadvantaged children and youth the foundation to build a brighter future.

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What we do

Catch Them Young Ltd (CTY) was founded in Dec 2015 to expand the social reach of the KidsExcel programme. Singaporean children under the MOE financial assistance scheme are given programme subsidies to participate in KidsExcel. Since its inception, Catch Them Young has supported over 700 pupils, including 260 beneficiaries currently enrolled in the KidsExcel programme.

The mission of CTY is to make available educational and experiential opportunities to students from low-income households through:

1. Sourcing a range of educational programmes or services.

2. Providing activities for these students to take part in the enrichment activities.

3. Ensuring the delivery of high-quality programmes.
CTY believes that building a strong educational foundation at a young age will help address the issues of children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds falling behind their more affluent peers.

Who We Help

Our Beneficiaries
Children who are recipients of the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme, i.e. Household income <$2,750 monthly or Per Capita Income of <$690 monthly.

We also partner social agencies to engage children from challenging or complex family backgrounds. We offer assistance to all regardless of race, gender or religion.

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